About project

The group of companies «Auto Leader» is a company that produces and sells auto accessories.

Our task in this project was to completely renew the visual identity of the brand and create a website that would differentiate the company from competitors.

Attention to detail

For the unique identity of the company, we have drawn a vector illustration with a car, which not only fits perfectly into the style of the site, but also perfectly fulfills its functional duties.


Also within the scope of the project, we have created several 3D illustrations, which the customer can later use as branded elements.


Website festures 20+ custom components that have multiple states.

Buttons, charts, fields, tabs and other fully unique elements. All this allows for better user experience.


Our in-house developers had created completely custom theme with zero bloat-code. They even managed not to use jQuery on frontend.

All of that means that website has blazing fast load times on all devices and networks.

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