In the past we already had developed a website for the Iron Logic company. This time the company decided to grow and created a separate website for the production of fences.

Project goals

The client asked us to create a website that contains the functionality of the catalog and meets the corporate identity of the company.


We wanted to move away from the boring look of an online store and create something original.

We have pinned the menu to the left for ease of interaction with the site.

Such a solution provides quick access to the necessary sections of the site, and also informs the user about where he is now.


To highlight the design of the company, we have drawn unique icons for each product category.


All products are divided into semantic categories, which contain a detailed description and advantages of a particular type of fences.

The category contains product cards with all the necessary information for the user, from packaging to cost.


Thanks to the high-quality photos provided by the client, we managed to form a full-fledged section with completed projects.

In this section, there are not only photos of completed projects, but also information about how much time was spent on their implementation.


The site is adapted for various screen resolutions and is perfectly displayed on desktops and laptops, as well as on tablets and mobile devices.

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