Laganaki Company ( Laganaki.ru ) is our long-term client. We have already made a website for them about the production of solid wood products. And now the company has decided to open another direction — the supply of natural stone from Turkey to the Russian Federation.

Everything so that clients have the opportunity to bring luxury and comfort to their homes.

The company supplies three types of stone, each with a distinctive pattern.

To make it clear to users what each type of marble looks like, we created primitive 3D models in the form of tiles and displayed them on the site.


Thanks to the client, who explained in an accessible language how the company works from the inside, we managed to create a clear structure of the site.

The company supplies natural stone both in finished products (steps, window sills, countertops, etc.) and in the form of raw materials (tiles or slabs).

Based on this, we have identified two main categories — products and materials.


The site is interactive, unobtrusive and lightweight.

The content is presented in simple blocks that are easily perceived by the user.

All pages have a similar structure, thanks to which the user can easily find the necessary information and functional elements of the site.


We have created a simple yet elegant website that has become the company’s visual identity.

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