Laganaki already had a website that performed well in the past. But in order for the user to be imbued with the mood and character of a modern company, something more was needed.


A company from St. Petersburg, Russia that has been manufacturing solid wood products for over 20 years.

The founder of the company, while searching for valuable species of wood for his production, visited Northern Adygea, where the best oak, in his opinion, grows.

Inspired by the beauty of the protected area called «Lago Naki», it was decided to name the company after the reserve.


Inspired by the client’s stories about the protected areas of Northern Adygea, the beauty of nature, clean air and the uniqueness of plants, we decided that all this should be somehow displayed on the site.

Many elements of the site remind the user of nature. Images of the reserve, graphic elements in the form of tree rings, dark brown tones of the site with golden elements, reminiscent of the rays of the sun, which make their way through the crowns of trees, and much more.

Structure and functionality

For more convenient interaction with the site, we moved the main categories of products to the site header, and hid all additional sections and pages in the «burger» (menu button).

For ease of perception of information, we simplified the design by dividing the site into two columns. This simplifies the interaction with the content and makes it easier in the future to create responsive versions of the site.


Despite the fact that the company is engaged in the production of various solid wood products, the key products of the company are doors.

That is why this section has the most detailed description and information about the products.


Laganaki allows clients to create a completely unique door for their luxury interior. To implement this on the website, we have developed a configurator that allows the user to change the appearance of the canvas, choose a platband, rosettes, cornice and much more.


As a result, we managed to implement a project that was worked out to the smallest detail. The entire design perfectly conveys the beauty and tranquility of nature, and also emphasizes the uniqueness of the products.

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