Stroyservice A


Stroyservice-A is a company that carries out a wide range of construction, installation and finishing works using modern construction technologies and materials.


At the time of contacting us, the company already had a corporate website, which was old and impersonal.

That is why we decided to completely redesign the site and update the visual identity of the company.


Creation of the image of a reliable company is especially important for the construction segment, in a highly competitive market.

To build a unified style, we decided to create unique elements in the form of primitive 3D models of buildings and structures, which are made in the same style.


In addition to the visual style, we have also rethought the presentation of information on the site.

Previously, the site had no categories and all services were displayed on the main page, which was very confusing for users.

We have redesigned the structure of the site, highlighting two main areas of the company — Construction and Renovation and finishing.

The categories, regardless of whether it is Construction or Renovation, contain projects in detail.

In each project, you can find information about the cost, timing, amount of work done and a number of photos that will show the work from the inside.

Attention to details

We fixed the navigation menu on the left side of the site and it follows the user throughout the site, allowing you to always easily and quickly go to another section.

The menu also provides markers that are highlighted in orange when the user is in the section.

Custom navigation with flowing animations, typography, and unique details complete the look of our website.


The site is perfectly optimized for all modern types of mobile devices and correctly displays all the necessary information.


We managed to implement a project that perfectly conveys the style and tone of voice of the company, and also allows the user to easily get to know the company.

The gray background of the site perfectly conveys the style of concrete and dust, without which there is nowhere at a construction site.

And the orange elements of the website, like metal scales, perfectly match the background and accentuate the important elements of the website.

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