Create a website that maximizes the brand image and helps the user to immerse themselves in the world of grape drinks.


The founder of the company, Valery Zakharyin, laid the foundation for the brand in 2002. The story begins with the planting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir varieties grown in one of the best nurseries in France.

The company grew, strengthened and now it’s time to think about the brand image.


Having plunged into the process of winemaking and feeling the mood of the brand, we set about developing the site.

The design of the site was built on cards and sliding panels that accompany the user throughout the site, maintaining a uniform style.

Attention to detail

We are extremely happy with the attitude of the client to the project. Timely feedback, constructive criticism and openness to new ideas have helped us create beauty.

More than 200 photographs of the company’s products and employees were taken in different environments.

We also selected abstract illustrations that emphasize each type of wine, and a pleasant and smooth animation that perfectly convey the sophistication of the drink.

Core elements

The main element of the site is the wine card.

Accordingly, each of them corresponds to the corporate illustration, which was created thanks to macro photography of inks that are mixed with each other in liquids that are different from each other in composition and density.

Each card contains the history of the wine, the grape variety, details and nuances of its production, and much more.

In addition, in the wine card, the user will always find brief information about its strength, serving temperature, sugar, etc.


We also worked on the mobile versions of the site, which allows the site to display correctly on all devices.

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